If truth isn’t on your side…lie!

Debunking Elizabeth Warren by Linda Parks July 9, 2022 Last week, U.S. senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) went on the war-path against pregnancy health centers.   In interviews, speeches, and on twitter, she said “the idea that centers have sprung up to prey on people who are pregnant and vulnerable and seek help is fundamentally wrong”.   And

Should men have a voice?

So often, in abortion decisions, the man/father is the most prominent voice in that decision. A study by CareNet showed that 74% of men said their partner discussed this decision with them prior to having an abortion. This is significantly higher than any other person/group. Which might leave one to wonder, would there be less

Are Pregnancy Centers still needed?

As we anxiously await the verdict on Roe v Wade, one might wonder…”are Pregnancy Centers going to be as important if abortion is is illegal in our state?” The answer is an overwhelming YES! At the PHC many of the women we serve have no intention of seeking an abortion but are in need of

We Need Baby Boutique Items

We are in need of a lot of items for our Baby Boutique. We are starting a new satellite office and need to furnish the boutique for this office.  In need of: 1.) Diapers sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6. 2.) Used clothes spring and summer all sizes especially size 2T, 3T and 4T boys