Client Testimonials

Sawyer’s Story

We always knew that we wanted children, but after a 7 year fertility struggle that ended with failure and miscarriage, God finally opened our hearts to adoption. Our daughter was born in 2016 after only 4 months of waiting and she redeemed all of the loss and grief we had felt in the years past. We knew we always wanted more children because we had more love to give and we wanted her to have a sibling, so we decided to start the adoption process again when she was 3. Little did we know that we would be waiting over 2.5 years this time. Although it was extremely challenging to wait in silence during this time, we continually felt God saying “just wait, my timing is perfect.” And so we waited. In January of 2022 we found out on a Tuesday afternoon that we had been matched with a baby boy in Missouri who was due in 3 or 4 weeks. We were cautiously excited. Four days later we got a phone call saying that his birth mom was in labor and that we should pack up and come up to Missouri. So we frantically packed up and prayed as we went that this was meant to be. By the time we arrived at the hospital that night, our son, Sawyer Lansing Caldwell had been born. As soon as he was brought in to meet us we were instantly in love and knew that God’s timing really was perfect. My husband Bryon likes to brag that he was the first male to hold Sawyer (just like he was with our daughter). We are so blessed to have this precious little addition in our family and we know that God was with us every step of the way. We are eternally grateful to his birth parents for choosing life and for choosing us to parent him. We are grateful to everyone who has prayed for us, donated to our adoption fund and supported and encouraged us along the way. And we are grateful that we have a savior that has shown us a new meaning of being adopted sons and daughters of Christ through the gift of adoption here on earth. Our cup overflows.

Julia’s Story


Silvia’s Story

Silvia came to the PHC seeking an abortion. She was young, bright, very soft spoken and scared. Being an honor student in her senior year in high school, she had a bright future ahead of her. Her father lived overseas and supported her financially, but if he were to find out that she had a live-in boyfriend or was pregnant, he would stop all support. Her mother lived nearby but was emotionally unavailable. Her boyfriend wanted her to abort their baby.

We counseled with her, discussed her pregnancy options, and performed an ultrasound. She was early in her pregnancy and had to come back for a follow up ultrasound. We suggested she bring her boyfriend and to our surprise, she did return with him a week later. They both saw a beating heart on the ultrasound. As we addressed their fears and concerns, it was clear her boyfriend was leaning towards abortion. “Silvia” cried, feeling alone, knowing there was a life within her, yet abandoned by those closest to her.

We offered love, support, and told her we would keep her in prayer. A month later, we called to see how she was doing. She said she was still undecided and asked if she could come back to the PHC. She had scheduled 3 back-to-back appointments: The first was to visit the PHC, to see her baby’s growth one more time via ultrasound. The second was to meet with an adoption representative that we had recommended. The third was to meet with another organization for an abortion.

By now, she was 14 weeks pregnant. On the ultrasound, she could see her baby moving around, hands waving, feet kicking. Once again, we discussed her options, offered love, support, and prayer. She left the PHC and went to her other two appointments. A week later, we called two times but she did not answer. We assumed she had an abortion. We decided to close her chart and send her a final email reminding her that we cared about her. Surprisingly, she responded, saying she could not abort her baby or put her baby up for adoption. She was going to parent. She is still alone in this decision, but she knows the PHC believes in her and prays for her. You too, may continue to pray for Silvia. A prayer that one day, with the birth of her child, her loneliness may be filled with joy, and that she will come to know the One who can bring sustaining joy into both of their lives.

*”Silvia’s” name has been changed to protect confidentiality.


 Amanda’s Story

“Feeling scared and not knowing what to do, I searched the internet for help and found Pregnancy Help Center Lake of the Ozarks. During my appointment, my Client Advocate was very helpful and understanding. She gave me all the information that I needed and answered all my questions. I was provided an ultrasound and was able to see my healthy, nine-week baby. During my pregnancy, I participated in PHC’s pregnancy and parenting classes and was provided with baby items. — Today, my daughter Lyla Grace is three months old. I am so happy to be a mother! I am looking forward to going back to work and starting school so that I can provide us with a stable future. I greatly appreciate all the support that the Pregnancy Help Center has given me!”

 Mariah Joy

Thank you so much for the helping hands. We all as a community appreciate how much these wonderful volunteers have to offer. I’ve been very blessed countless of times by Camdenton, Pregnancy Center!
It would have been a struggle on me and my mom trying to afford a Car seat, Play pen, diapers on low income months, clothes when I ran low, bottles and health goods.
It makes me very happy to hear they’re Christian based and as soon as I sat down and asked for some more information on what they’re all about I heard the lady say “Now when it comes to abortions we’re very Christian based and we try to let expecting mothers know that we’re here to help them provide for their unborn child.”
That they do not exactly want to help with abortions but they’re here to help support and lead us in the right direction of adoption and helping the soon to be mother feel secure in knowing she will have the help she needs.
This made me feel better about who I was supporting!!