About Us

Our Mission

PHC Lake of the Ozarks exists to provide faith-based resources and services that address the spiritual, physical, educational, and emotional needs of pregnant and single mothers by supporting, training, and equipping them with skills for competent living. In short, we are a faith-based 501(c)(3) ministry that seeks to promote a culture of Life!

Our Statement of Faith

  1. There is one true God eternally existing in three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  2. Salvation involves the redemption of man, and is freely offered to all who accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. There is no salvation apart from personal faith in Jesus Christ.
  3. We believe the Holy Scriptures are God’s infallible and authoritative word. God is the author through divine revelation and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.


  • The Pregnancy Help Center is a Christian ministry committed to saving the lives of unborn babies and assisting mothers throughout their pregnancy. We provide information about the development of the baby from conception to birth, adoption options, prenatal care, and parenting skills for newborns. Clients may receive free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds as well as information about medical and financial assistance.
  • The Pregnancy Help Center provides confidential assessments with an individualized treatment plan utilizing our services and community resources. Staff and volunteers are trained to provide godly counseling and mentoring to young women, men, and families facing unplanned pregnancies.
  • The Pregnancy Help Center does not discriminate in providing services because of race, religious beliefs, color, ethnicity, or marital status. The Pregnancy Help Center encourages abstinence and does not recommend contraceptives. Women seeking contraceptives are encouraged to seek counsel from their doctors and pastors.
  • The Pregnancy Help Center is pro-life and does not recommend, provide, or refer clients for any type of abortion.
  • The Pregnancy Help Center is committed to creating an awareness within the community of the needs of pregnant women, unborn babies, and providing emotional healing for post-abortive mothers.
  • The Pregnancy Help Center is run by a team of dedicated Christian men and women who serve as paid staff, volunteers, and board members.

Current Stats

How we’re growing:

*due to COVID issues, our in-office numbers have been slightly lower than expected.

What does the PHC do?

  • The following caring & confidential services are offered free of charge to our clients due to the generous support of churches, businesses, organizations, and individuals.
  • Options counselors and trained volunteers educate clients about abortion, adoption, parenting, and sexual health issues.
  • Medical services include limited ultrasounds (85% of clients who utilize this service choose life), pregnancy verifications, and appropriate referrals.
  • Pre-natal, Parenting, and Life Skills classes prepare soon-to-be parents and parents for what they will experience from pregnancy through their child’s 1st year of life. We provide material resources through an incentive-based program (Mommy bucks for baby Boutique).

Our classes also include:

  • Pathway to Hope is a post-abortive Biblical counseling and education program for women and men.
  • Reality Check is our abstinence-based sexual health and relationship education program. (Hope to add this with a skilled instructor).
  • A2A program: • Helps women to carry their unborn child to term instead of having an abortion • Care for their child or place their child for adoption if they choose • Decrease their use of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs • Have better nutrition • Provide more responsible and competent care for their children to improve child health and development • Continue their education • Find a job • Become independent for a better future