MO after Roe

Most of us know what the overturning of Roe v Wade means….or do we?

It would be great if an overturn meant that abortion was automatically illegal in our country but unfortunately, that’s not the case and there are several states that are preparing laws to help and incentivize women to get abortions in their state if the Supreme Court decides that each state should make the call on abortion. Thankfully, Missouri, is NOT one of those states!

Because of HB 126 Missouri has a trigger law set in place to make all abortions illegal (except in the very rare case that a mother’s life is physically at risk, i.e. ectopic pregnancy)! Which is wonderful news and makes me very proud to call MO my home! But the fight doesn’t end there. Right across state lines from STL is one of the largest Planned Parenthood facilities in the country. Why? Simply put, strategy. PP has foreseen these changes coming and has been preparing over the past few years to take over the abortions citizens in our state are seeking. This PP facility is in Fairview Heights, IL. They have hardly any regulations to protect women and even less to educate them on the reality of what an abortion is and/or the long-term effects it causes.

So what do we need to do?

First; we need to make sure the men and women we’re sending to Congress don’t just say they’re pro-life but that they actually ACT pro-life! We need men and women who are willing to choose life no matter the cost. I heard a gentleman (who is running for state senate) say the other day, “I am 100% pro-life. Which means, even if there’s a bill I’ve been working tirelessly on getting passed, if there’s anything added to that bill that is not completely 100% pro-life, I will not vote for that bill.” This, is the back bone we need! This is the stamina we need in the men and women we send to represent our communities. And we need to hold them to it!
Second; we need to step up and support our local Pregnancy Centers. As I wrote about a couple weeks ago, if Roe is overturned, abortion isn’t just going to disappear and Pregnancy Centers will be even more important! Because women and men will still be faced with unexpected pregnancies and will still have the thoughts and/or desires to abort. We need the community to rally around their Centers and become mentors, volunteers, and counselors. We need Prayer Warriors! We need to urgently and consistently petition the Lord to change the hearts of these men and women so that even if there is access to abortion, the thought is no longer there. We need the church to take action!

If you’re done sitting on the sidelines…contact us today to find out how you can be part of the change instead of just waiting for the change to happen!