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Each and every day in our community, women discover they are unexpectedly pregnant. Unfortunately, they believe the only solution to their unplanned pregnancy is abortion. Statistics show more than 80% of post-abortive women say if they had even one other person offering support, they would not have chosen abortion. “One other person.” Could that person be you?

Your support is vital to the ministry of the Pregnancy Help Center. Without you, we couldn’t offer the free testing, material services, and the  education we currently do. Consider getting involved in this vital ministry. You are the “one other person” she needs to hear from.


Are you a prayer warrior? If so, the women of our community and the Pregnancy Help Center needs your intercession. Find out how you can sign up to receive real-time prayer requests from our Client Advocates while they are meeting with abortion-minded women. Prayer changes hearts and lives!

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If you would like to learn more about the pro-life movement nationally, as well as here in Missouri, we have some important resources for you. Read the personal testimonies of women whose lives have been forever changed by the pro-life movement and find out about the latest legislation. We want you to be fully informed!

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